Don't Wake the sleeping baby!

We all know the story of the poor mums who creep around while their baby sleeps soundly... well until they're woken by a bird outside, the vacuum cleaner or dishes being stacked away. A recipe for a stressed out and exhausted mumma!
Thankfully, through luck (not an educated decision) and probably slight selfishness, I was one of those mums who carted my baby around to horse shows or whatever I was doing so she got pretty good at sleeping in her stroller and through the noise... bonus for a busy mum who needed to get things done!
I love finding parallels in life and horse training, and I think that this is a great example of what is all too common and such an easy trap to fall in to - the "don't wake my sleeping baby" syndrome, or horse in this case.
When we get a horse that is sensitive or has problems, we quite often tiptoe around for fear of having to deal with the outcome - not knowing how to deal with it or just not wanting to deal with it because...
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